Our company

Biors Hungary KFT is a Hungarian company that deals with the collection and marketing of plastic production waste and textile products for the world of molding. Our products are raw materials and secondary materials that are used in the textile and plastic industries. Thanks to our international network we are able to offer our customers the most advantageous prices and conditions for these commodities.
The products treated by Biors hungary KFT are:
- 100% naylon polyamide 6.66 intended for casting or extrusion;
- Technopolymers regenerated in PA PP, for molding plastic materials for the automotive sector.

Our services


We are able to make the recycled plastic reusable, in the form of a plastic granule, for new industrial purposes.


We export our recycled material ...


We import our recycled material ...


Biors also takes care of the arrangement, in our case for color and size, and storage in storage of our recycled material.


To receive information or clarifications you can contact us by phone or send us an e-mail and we will reply as soon as possible!

Tel. +36 702289485